Amazon Global Logistics says more than 65% of shipments are shipped from China

Recently, Amazon Global Logistics said that more than 65% of Amazon's goods are shipped from China, which is why Amazon's official shipping port is chosen in China.

Meanwhile, Renee, Amazon's manager of customer development and operations, said the B2B sourcing market is expected to grow tenfold to $1.2 trillion in 2021. According to the introduction, the popular categories of Amazon business purchase currently include industrial products, hotel kitchen, scientific research and medical products, electronic technology products, office and tea room.

It is understood that Amazon's logistics revenue exceeded $80.4 billion last year, up 49.6%. At the same time, Amazon's number of employees, facilities, and logistics space nearly doubled in the last year. In 2021, Amazon plans to more than double the size of its own fleet of shipping vehicles.

Amazon plans to increase the number of small trucking companies dedicated to shipping goods for Amazon in the United States to 285 by the end of the year from 100 now, according to a separate filing.



2021-04-30 917

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