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A brief introduction of USPS
USPS integrates the resources of express delivery of China and America. To centralize and sort the goods in China, then finish the stowage in HongKong flight which only costs 2-3days. The customs clearance will be finished by the royal international logistics agent in America. All the American express lines support APO, PO BOX address. USPS is fast, flexible operated, suitable for high value items which require fast delivery. And there is no remote area surcharge in most areas of America.
Delivery time
4-6 working days
Volume and weight limit
weight limit:
parcels weight <=5kg
The tariff of the country of destinations will be as the criterion. (Usually the tariff of the high declared value parcels is much higher. But if the declared value is lower than the real value, it will cause higher penalty duty.)
Settlement of claims
1. Insurance: please consult our customer representatives about the details.
2. If a package is lost or damaged, the lost or damaged part will be compensated with twice the freight fee. And the maximum compensation is 100 USD. If the parcel is damaged and the recipient has signed it. The recipient needs to complaint to the destination’s facilitator in 48 hours. And the sender needs to lodge claim in 30 days.
Limited items
Aviation embargoed goods such as dangerous goods, liquids, powder, engine, battery, motor, guns for sports, medicine for emergency or scientific research, underproof magnetic items, perishable products, radioactive substances etc.
State banned export goods such as antiques, precious metals, currency, and other prohibited products. Any products within a battery or pure battery are not accepted.
Uploading orders
1. For air mail, customers need to upload the information to the PFC logistics system. And a invoice must be attached.
2. In addition to address label on the outside please try not to have any other logo, for fragile parcels it is to have a fragile symbol on the outside of the packaging, position the address label in a central position on the parcel, please package your parcels properly to avoid damage in transit.
3. Items description:
The actual name of the commodity and quantity must be declared in detail. Example: for products such as DVD or CD the exact nature of the content, the length and purpose of the material must be described. For clothing and textile items, the application, the elements and the weave must be described...Descriptions such as gift or sample are not acceptable.
4. All information must be filled out in English.
1. Parcels within batteries and textile products can be accepted. Pure battery can not be accepted.
2. Cargo will be billed on volume weight or actual weight depending on which is the greater of the two.
3.For USPS, it must be filled with the dedicated waybill we offered and triplicate invoices must be prepared. And all the informations (including senders, recipient, name of commodity in English, quantity, origin, unit price, total prices, invoice numbers, signature and seal )need to be filled in English. Without invoices or the invoices’ content is not complete, we have the right of detention of cargo for the moment until we get the invoice.
4. If there is no invoice and the item is low-value and small size, we will consider as that the sender agrees to declare item on his behalf.
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