Hong kong EMS
> Service introduction
Hong Kong Post EMS express service specializes in the delivery of goods from China to the world using their global express network. The procedure is simple and convenient. You need only a simple declaration document which is available online. EMS services aim to provide preferential prices., No fuel surcharge as well as no remote area surcharge, Charges calculated using the actual weight, with not volume charges! This gives you a clearer picture of the cost of shipping!
HKEMS offer a 24-hour customer hotline and online tracking service so customers can quickly find the exact mailing situation of their shipment.
HKEMS international express the ideal choice for international express mail.
> Service introduced
Service name Hongkong EMS
Advantage 1)safe shipping
2) fast delivery
3)lower prices.
Price charges To check the latest Hong Kong EMS rates to your country, please use the quote tool on our homepage at : www.parcelfromchina.com
Reference time Delivery time of between 4 to 8 days (reference delivery times provided by HK EMS and may vary depending on the destination country)
Volume and the weight limi Weight and volume restrictions for the HKEMS international express service:
P: length of items is limited to 1.05 meters, with a perimeter of less than 2 meters in total;
XP: length is limited to 1.50 meters, with a perimeter of less than 3 meters in total, except for the United States (including Puerto Rico) : length is limited to 1.50 meters wit a maximum perimeter of 2.75 m in total
The general maximum weigh limit is 30 KG, but please check the Hong Kong Post website to be sure this maximum weight limit for your parcels destination countries postal service.
Tracking inquires 1. For tracking details please vist the Hong Kong postal inquires the web site:http://www.hongkongpost.com
2. Once the parcel has arrived in the destination country it can be tracked on the website of the local postal service, if available.
Tariffs, clearance fee 1. HK EMS international express delivery charges.
Charges are calculated according to the actual weight , there are no volume charges.
HK EMS international express parcels will be exempted from all fuel or remote areas surcharge
2. Tariffs:
EMS customs clearance fees are subject to the specifics of the items sent (generally produce with a higher declared value are subject to relatively high tariffs, if the declared value is lower than the actual value, the shipment may also incur high tariffs)
Compensation If a package is lost or damaged, please inform your local EMS provider within 3 days and after verification by EMS the maximum amount of not more than 100 USD is payable. EMS does not bear any responsibility for good that are lost due to customs inspections
> Transiting operation requirements
Goods declaration 1. Items description:
The actual name of the commodity and quantity must be declared . Descriptions such as gift or sample are not acceptable.
2. The declared value:
HKEMS do not require a declared value, the customer can decide to fill in the amount of the declared value so as to avoid higher charges if the customs in the destination country issue a higher value causing higher fees and tariffs. We recommend declaring a suggested value for customs purposes.
Packing requirements Please note that packing should be in good condition, not easy damaged, in the bags in addition to address label outside, try not to take other irrelevant logo, for fragile best on the outer package have fragile the symbol, in the parcel positive middle position, please properly packed your package to avoid damage in transit.


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