Hong Kong DHL international Courier service is introduced

DHL international express is the market leader in the global express delivery industry.Can reach 220 countries and regions, covering more than 120000 destinations (main post code area) network, to provide mail and express delivery services to businesses and private customers.DHL international express whether file or package, whether it is a day, time, or limit to arrive, the DHL international express all can meet your demand of services, the logistics is Hong Kong DHL agent at the domestic level, reasonable price, quick delivery, is your preferred choice of international express delivery services.

Hong Kong DHL international Courier service advantages

Range - services covering 220 countries and regions, but the built-in battery and general cargo
Price - is Hong Kong DHL official price 3-6 fold
Aging - global delivery duly 2-7 working days
Query - online query in detail all the parcel delivery information
PFC - on the day of receipt, the port to the destination

Hong Kong DHL international Courier service is introduced

Hong Kong DHL express in china, mail and courier  services are now available throughout China with PFC!

Service Introduction

DHL is part of the world's leading postal and logistics Group, Deutsche Post DHL and encompasses three divisions: DHL Express, DHL Global Forwarding, Freight and DHL Supply Chain.
DHL is present in over 220 countries and territories across the globe, making it the most international company in the world. With a workforce exceeding 285,000 employees, it provides solutions for an almost infinite number of logistics needs. DHL international express, no matter what it is---paper or parcel and when should be arrived, it can offer the best service you need.

ShenZhen Royal International Logistics (PFC), the level one agent in china with reasonable price and fast delivery, is your best choice for international express service

Advantage of PFC
Scope: covers over 220 countries and territories across the globe
Price:30%-60% discount of HK DHL official price
Efficiency: delivery in 2-7 working days across the globe
DHL Price, surcharge and Tariffs

Price inquiry:

HKDHL volume weight = length cm x height cm x width cm / 5000, if the volume weight is greater than the actual weight, prices will be charged according to the weight of the volume.


DHL remote area surcharge: Please check out DHL website for details on remote areas : .
Remote area surcharge will automatically be added to the shipping cost and are calculated by DHL (Standard charge is: RMB 3.6 / KG *)
Textiles Cost: textiles are subject to a surcharge, please contact for further details (Textiles can not be sent to Nigeria)

Fuel surcharge: HKDHL fuel surcharge already included in the freight cost.


DHL customs clearance fees are subject to the specifics of the items sent (generally produce with a higher declared value are subject to relatively high tariffs, if the declared value is lower than the actual value, the shipment may also incur high tariffs). If the recipient refuses to pay customs duties, tariffs will be borne by the sender automatically, in line with DHL's terms of service.

Delivery time

Between 3 to 5 days (reference delivery times provided by HK DHL and may vary depending on the destination country)

Tracking Inquiry

For real time tracking information, please visit :

Volume and the weight limit

The Single longest side can not exceed 1.2 m, or one-piece can not exceed 70KG, for shipments that exceed these parameters please consult our customer service staff.
1.Goods sent to Nigeria,each piece can not exceed 50KG and each time limited below 50KG.
2.Goods sent to Angola,each piece can not exceed 50KGand each time limited below 250KG
3.Goods sent to Tunisia,each piece can not exceed 30KG and each time limited below 40KG
4.Goods sent to Algeria,each piece can not exceed 40KG

If any parcel exceeds these limits of a side measuring more than 120cm or a single piece more than 70 kg, a surcharge of $200HKD will be charged on all pieces included in the shipment.

limited items
1.Dangerous goods of air embargo, liquid, powder, etc. National ban on export goods, such as antiques, monetary and other infringing products
2.Products like motor,engine
3.Documents needed: goods like battery or battery included should be provided MSDS certificate and battery letter(original copy). Famous brand products shall offer official purchasing invoice or certificate of authorization.


If a package is lost or damaged, please inform DHL within 7 days and after verification by DHL the maximum amount of not more than 100 USD is payable. DHL does not bear any responsibility for good that are lost due to customs inspections or seizures.

DHL also recommends that the parcel should be insured if the value is above 100USD

Transiting operation requirements

Goods declaration 1. Items description:
The actual name of the commodity and quantity must be declared . Descriptions such as gift or sample are not acceptable.
2. The declared value:
An invoice stating the value of the shipment must be included when shipping with HK-DHL . Declaring a low value may result in higher tariffs and fines by your countries customs should they believe the value has been under declared.
3. The recipients address:

HKDHL does not accept PO BOX's as delivery addresses. A valid E-mail address along with the recipients phone number must be provided and all informations must be filled out in English.

Packing requirements
Please note that packing should be in good condition and not easy damaged, In addition to address label on the outside please try not to have any other logo, for fragile parcels it is to have a fragile symbol on the outside of the packaging, position the address label in a central position on the parcel, please package your parcels properly to avoid damage in transit.

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