Roman from Russia in Moscow, the independent brand high-grade sunglasses products, mainly sales of European countries, the average unit sale price is 200 dollars
Roman was very lucky to find our PFC company,but it is very simple for PFC for his requirements.
Roman is also very strict , he stays here wants to see all the the process we will do
Technological process.
1.Open the packing boxes ,
2.Check the sunglasses and put into the boxes
3.Check the sunglasses bags then pit into the boxes
4.Put into the sunglasses cloth
5.Then put the cover to close the boxes
6.Then we will put shrink bags to the finished packing boxes
7.Then use the heater to shrink the boxes
8.Put the SKU label
The  finished  products  will  be  recorded  into  our  system ,
Roman can get to know the stock information anywhere just through PFC system
Roman is a scrupulous guy ,he is checking the quality and details of the sunglasses。Alan is explain the technological process,In order to keep the glasses clean ,all staff have to wear the  silk gloves
Roman is talking with PFC staff about the repacking matters ,Efficiency with working processes of PFC staff and skilled operation was very surprised to Roman
China Fulfillment Operation group having dinner with Roman,He is a vegetarian, so he just needs a bottle of vodka.
Roman will go back to Moscow tomorrow, Keep the goods in stock at PFC he feels at ease and happy , PFC ability of handling the packages do a lot of help to his sales plan.
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