What are the general workflow for customers and PFC to fulfill orders?F.A.Q

PFC Express is a total-solution service provider from China which has specialized in cross-border ecommerce for 8+ years. The workflow from sourcing, drop shipping, warehouse fulfillment and international package delivery can all be managed here at one place.
General workflow for customers

1. Send inquiry

If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us by clicking any inquiry icon on our website. You are also welcomed to visit our Alibaba shop. You don't need to select shipping methods manually for your products. Just inform us of your product info, we would provide you with recommendations accordingly.

2. Register account

If you agreed on our price and service terms after received our quote, you can register account in our website at the next step. Nevertheless, you can also register account if you would like to be familiar with system operations in advance.

3. Top up account balance

As international payment usually takes time to transfer, you can top up your account balance in advance when you have orders to ship and confirmed related shipping methods and fees with your account manager. It's also okay to do this step after completed step 4 & 5.

4. Hand over products

When you have orders to ship and confirmed with your account manager about the available shipping methods with understanding of the related fee, you can hand over your products to our processing center by one of the following method: driver pickup, self-delivery and drop shipping. Please do not send products to us without contating us for quote. The address for drop shipping and warehouse fulfillment are different, please send your products to the right address.

5. Manage orders

You can start managing your orders when you have get all the info to submit orders in our system. For managing drop shipping orders, please click here. For managing warehouse fulfillment orders, please click here.

6. Aftersales service

Please feel free to contact your account manager if you have questions about system operations, order tracking, claim or return after orders shipped.
General workflow for PFC

1. Send quote

Once we have received your inquiries, we could get back to you as soon as possible with essential details. The shipping methods we recommend are usually favaroble on terms of price and delivery time, but it's just for your reference. You will always have a final say on which shipping method to use for your orders.

2. Operation guidance

One account manager would be assigned to you upon completion of registration. The account manager is usually the one you have contacted with earlier who would guide you with system operations all the time.

3. Credit account balance

Your payment proof would be forwarded to our accountant for checking. If the payment is confirmed to be transferred into our account, our accountant could credit the amount due to your ID after conversed into Chinese currency.

4. Process orders

After you have handed over your products and confirmed your orders in our system, we would start process your order after received your products with all info matched in our system.

5. Ship orders

Your orders would be marked as shipped after processing completed with all fees deducted successfully. They would be sorted by shipping methods and transferred to the next station.

6. Aftersales followup

Your account manager would follow up with you all the time.

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