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We have integrated with WooCommerce API which enables you to sync orders into our system in bulk.

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1. Generate WooCommerce consumer key and secret

2. Enable WooCommerce legacy API

3. Define WooCommerce shipping zones or classes

4. Setup API integration in PFC system

5. Acquire orders in bulk in PFC system

1. Generate WooCommerce consumer key and secret

Please login WooCommerce to generate consumer key and secret. For more details about WooCommerce Reset API, please click here to view WooCommerce help page.

1. Go to [WooCommerce] > [Settings] > [Advanced] > [REST API]. (Note: Keys/Apps was found at WooCommerce > Settings > API > Key/Apps prior to WooCommerce 3.4.)

2. Click [Add Key].

3. On the Key Details sreen, enter a Description. (This is self-defined, you can enter PFC.)

4. Select the User you would like to generate a key for from the dropdown menu. (It's recommended to select a user with Administor role to ensure integration success)

5. Select [Read/Write] permission for this API key.

6. Click [Generate API Key], and WooCommerce creates API keys for that user.

Now that keys have been generated, you should see Consumer Key and Consumer Secret keys, a QRCode, and a Revoke API Key button.

The Consumer Key and Consumer Secret will be used for integration with WooCommerce API in PFC system.

2. Enable Woocommerce legacy API

Please make sure the legacy API is enabled following the steps.

1. Go to [WooCommerce] > [Settings] > [Advanced] > [Legacy API];

2. To the right of Legacy API, check [Enable the legacy RESET API];

3. Click [Save changes].

3. Define WooCommerce shipping zones or classes

Based on your sales strategies, you can setup shipping zones only or add shipping classes in WooCommerce. But please remember the shipping method titles defined in WooCommerce as these titles will be used in the shipping matching rules in the PFC API settings page.

3.1 Enable WooCommerce shipping locations

1. Go to [WooCommerce] > [Settings] > [General];

2. In the [General Options] section, select your preferred shipping location from the top three options;

3. Click [Save changes] on the bottom-left.

3.2 Add WooCommerce shipping zones

1. Go to [WooCommerce] > [Settings] > [Shipping] > [Shipping Zones].

2. Click Add shipping zone at the top.

3. Enter a descriptive Zone Name.

4. Select Zone Regions that apply.

5. Click [Add shipping method] if there is no shipping method to select.

6. Select your preferred shipping type from the drop-down menu, and click [Add shipping method].

7. Move your mouse to the shipping method, and click [Edit] at the bottom of the shipping type where you can define specific method title.

8. Enter your own Method tile that displays to customers in checkout.

9. Define Tax status and Cost;

10. Click [Save changes] when complete;

11. Repeat above steps until you have completed settings for all your shipping locations.

4. Setup API integration in PFC system

1. Login PFC system;

2. Go to [Order Manage] > [Order Manage] > [Store-API], or;

3. Go to [Fulfillment] > [Order Manage] > [Store-API];

4. In the default [API Key] tab, Click [Generate] if this is your first time to setup API integration in our system;

5. Click  [Save] in the pop-up window (one API key would be displayed to the right of your customer ID);

6. Switch to the [Woo] tab, and click [Add];

7. In the pop-up window, copy and paste your WooCommerce consumer key and secret generated in step 1;

8. Select [Enabled] from the Status drop-down menu;

9. In the [Carrier] section, define your shipping matching rules by clicking [Add];

9.1 Copy your WooCommerce method title to the first [WooCommerce-Carrier] column;

9.2 Select the designated PFC shipping method at the second [PFC-Carrier] column;

9.3 Repeat above two steps until you have added rules for all your destination countries;

10. Define default declared value and weight when necessary;

11. Select your warehouse if you are using warehouse fulfillment service to ship your WooCommerce orders (please skip this step if you are using the dropshipping option);

12. Click [Add] after completed.

5. Acquire orders in bulk in PFC system

When you have completed the above settings, and have orders to ship in WooCommerce, you can now acquire orders following the steps:

1. Login PFC system;

2. Go to [Order Manage] > [Order Manage] > [Store-API], or;

3. Go to [Fulfillment] > [Order Manage] > [Store-API];

4. To the right of your WooCommerce store, click [Acquire Oder];

5. In the pop-up window, select your time frame;

6. Click [Acquire Order].

System would process your acquire request and return note when acquiring completed. If the note indicates success, you can then go to [Order Manage] > [Order Manage] > [Order List] > [Draft] to view your drop shipping orders, or go to [Fulfillment] > [Order Manage] > [Fulfillment Order List] > [Draft] to view your warehouse fulfillment orders.

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