How can I top up my account balance?F.A.Q

Currently, we support topping up your account balance with the following methods:

1. Alibaba trade assurance

2. Alipay

3. Wechat Pay

4. Payoneer

5. World first

6. Bank transfer (CITIBANK N.A., China Merchants Bank, and China Construction Bank)

Please contact your account manager for more details. As it usually takes time for the fund to be transferred to our account via international payment methods, please schedule your payment in advance to avoid any possible order processing delays caused by insufficinet account balance.


1. Please remark your customer ID during payment, and send payment success screeshot to your account manager.

2. We will credit your account based on how much we actually received. Generally, it will be the amount which you sent minus the platform handling fee.

3. If you send in USD/EUR or other currency, then we will convert it to RMB and credit your account.

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