Could you please clarify your warehouse fulfillment procedure?F.A.Q

A concise process flow: Receiving < General QC < Put on storage shelves < Pick & Pack orders < Shipping

Our warehouse fulfillment Service procedure are :

1.Firstly we receive your goods in our warehouse, our QC department check the packing list and articles, count the QTY and general check if the items broken/damaged.

2.Second step we allocate shelves location and storage boxes for your goods with our WMS(warehouse management system), then we put your stock on the corresponding shelves or inside the storage boxes and also bind the SKU barcode with the location number in our system.

3.When we receive your orders on system, our warehouse staff print a picking list and go to pick the products, then take them to packing area. They scan each SKU barcode and make sure the items are consistent with the order and pack the products with bubble envelop or box, then paste address label on the parcel and deduct fees.

4.Packages will be sent to our operation center for sorting and shipping out.

2020-08-07 1720

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