What Benefit and Advantage i can have if i Register in PFCEXF.A.Q

Reasons to Register

1 Create a Shipment
Ship with PFCEX quickly and easily. Create professional shipping labels and bill to a payment card or your PFCEX  Account.

2 Enhanced Tracking
Receive Proof of Delivery and import and save tracking numbers to avoid re-typing each time.

3 Open a PFCEX Account
Establish your own PFCEX Account for billing your shipping charges and services.

4 PFCEX Developer Kit
Get the power of PFCEX Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and serve your e-commerce customers better.

5 PFCEX Pickup
Request a convenient pickup at a specified location.

6 Electronic Billing
PFCEX offers a number of options for viewing, paying, and managing your PFCEX bill. Choose one of our detailed electronic bill formats designed to help your company analyze, allocate, and reconcile PFCEX package and PFCEX FreightSM charges more effectively.

7 PFCEX TradeAbility? International Tools
Manage the movement of international goods in a timely, efficient, and compliant manner. You can screen for denied parties, check import compliance, harmonize tariff codes, estimate landed cost, and access shipping forms.

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