How to Choose a Freight Forwarder in China?F.A.Q

When setting up a manufacturing business in China there are many challenges to master, and shipping shouldn't have to be one of these. To ensure that the materials your company needs for production arrive on time and that products are shipped out efficiently, manufacturers should outsource their shipping processes to a freight forwarding partner. Parcelfromchina is the most leading freight forwarder in China, the head office base in Shenzhen, they have many branches offices all over China.
Shipping from China can be a complex challenge to new manufacturing companies in China. However, in recent years many experienced freight forwarding companies have established operations in China, so no one has to face these issues alone. By selecting an experienced freight forwarding partner, manufacturers can free themselves from dealing with China's customs and import/export laws and focus on managing their core operations.
By understanding what freight forwarders do, and knowing what questions to ask before choosing a freight forwarding partner, manufacturers can reduce their shipping and customs related costs, while being able to devote more time to their customers and their manufacturing operations.

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