Why Use PFC

Key Benefits of PFC Warehouse Fulfillment Service
Reduce time & cost
We ensure your ordersship faster at a lower cost.
We're equipped to ship a variety of products using an extensive list of options.
Expand overseas
Use our global warehouses to reach more customers faster at a lower cost.
Improve operations
Whatever the volume, our automated warehouses process your orders quickly and accurately.
Sale Tax or VAT (Value Added Tax) Benefits
In most of countries or states, you, as an ecommerce seller, must collect sales tax or VAT for each sale if you send products from your local warehouse. By put the warehouse in China, all or some of your orders might not be subjected for the sales tax or VAT charges. For example, customers in UK don’t need pay any VAT for orders less than 15 pounds. In Canada, orders less than $20 (imported from overseas) are exempted from paying HST. Ask your local accountant for details!
Avoid Duties
Besides sales tax, you have to consider the import tax or duties too. If you have a fulfillment center elsewhere in a different country, duties will be applied at the border customs when importing bulk goods into the country for many made-in-china products. Eventually, your customers will have to absorb it for you. However, if your warehousing is in China, then you are sending smaller orders directly to individual customers and likely to avoid the import duties. For example, orders less than 135 pounds are exempted from duty charges for UK customers.
Minimize Losses
If you have to write-off your inventory and dispose your obsolete or seasonal products, then the freight fees and the taxes which you have already paid up front will become irrecoverable losses. This will not be a concern if your warehouse is in the country of manufacture, China.
Unlike other fulfillment companies that charge a flat fee for each piece of product which they pick-and-pack when handling your orders, PFC has a unique fee structure that sets us apart from competitors. Within an order, the first piece of a product will be charged the standard fee but any subsequent pieces of this same product will be 1/10 of the standard fee! This is a huge saving for you if you are selling the product in bulk.
Low Labour Cost
You can take advantage of the relatively lower labour cost in China, compared to Europe and North America.
Communication with Chinese Suppliers
We can help to communicate with your Chinese suppliers, especially during inbound shipment to our warehouse. This will eliminate inconveniences due to language problems or time-zone differences.
Keep Your Customers Happy
Fulfilling orders is a crucial part of your online sales process and you do not want to mess up at any step. PFC can offer you a one-stop fulfillment solution. We run two work shifts, we use barcode technology, we have automation machine to validate order, we hire experienced staff and we work with trusted logistics partners ... all these will guarantee efficiency, speed, error-free and professionalism to keep your customers happy. Their positive experiences will in turn drive more sales to you.
Sell More, Faster
We can help to improve your sales conversion. By using PFC, you are saving money in several areas (as already highlighted above), which means you can give customers what they love ... low price! This is the most important factor that affects conversion.
Our Operations
Our China warehouses are fully equipped with security systems and surveillance cameras. Racks and shelves are organized in a systematic way. We use barcode technology to improve efficiency and minimize human errors. The heart of all these is our state-of-the-art inventory and orders management software, which you will have access when you sign-up. All our warehouse staffs are trained to handle your items professionally. We hand over orders to most of shipping companies and post office twice a day to make sure a 24 hour handling time.
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