Mail Services from China to the CABINDA

PFC Express is a professional China based company providing Mail services to the CABINDA.
We offer our clients a wide range of high quality delivery services that are guaranteed to provide exceptional value for your business. We aim to provide all our customers with a dependable, customer driven, quality service and build long term beneficial business relationships.

Some of the advantages to your business in choosing PFC Express as your express provider to the CABINDA.

1. Preferential pricing; offering you discounts of between 30-50% off regular prices with leading express companies like FedEx and DHL.

2. Simplicity; simply provide us with the recipient information for your package and we will take care of the rest.

3. Safe; we offer you complete peace of mind when shipping with us by providing tracking information and package insurance options.

4. Value added services; offering you a range of personalized logistics services based on your individual needs.

5. Professional; through our many years of experience our efficient team will help you choose what services are best suited to your specific needs.

6. Global; we can help deliver your shipments from China to over 200 countries and territories worldwide.

An outline of our service options to the CABINDA.


DHL Worldwide From China to the CABINDA.

EMS Express From China to the CABINDA

UPS Express From China to the CABINDA

FedEx Courier From China to the CABINDA

TNT Express From China to the CABINDA


Hong Kong Speedpost parcel service From China to the CABINDA.

Swiss Post parcel service From China to the CABINDA.

China Post parcel service From China to the CABINDA.

Singapore Post parcel service From China to the CABINDA.

Hong Kong Speedpost large parcel service From China to the CABINDA.

China Post large parcel service From China to the CABINDA.

Pricing of our services to the CABINDA

All our different delivery channels vary in price depending on the carriers delivery times and level of services.
Our Express service are much faster than International mail services and as such are more expensive. For up to date
pricing and help in choosing the best service to serve your needs, please contact one of our helpful customer support staff.

Delivery times for shipments to the United States

International express; 3-5 Working days.
International Mail; 7-20 Working days.

Delivery times will depend on the specific carrier used and delays may be caused to shipment by adverse weather conditions
or other factors beyond our control.

Procedure for sending a shipment with PFC

1. Register online for a PFC account.

2. Arrange collection or drop-off of shipment to PFC processing center.

3. Pay the relevant shipping charges.

4. Shipment sent by PFC to the CABINDA

5. Signature of the recipient

Tracking inquiries for Express shipments to the CABINDA.

1. After you shipment has been processed by us, login to the PFC website to obtain your shipments tracking number.

2. Use the number provided to keep track of your shipments progress through your selected shipping companies website.

Prohibited Items

There are a number of items that are prohibited for transport such as dangerous goods, liquids, powders, etc...
Please contact our customer service department for a full list of prohibited goods.

PFC Express Service

China to CABINDA Postal Service from US$0.95, China to CABINDA Express Mail from US$7